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What alleviates constipation?
Q: I suffer from constipation and am now pregnant. Do you have suggestions for ways I can prevent it from getting worse?
A: Constipation is a common annoyance during pregnancy. Many women who have a prior history of it find that it does indeed get worse when they’re pregnant.

The first thing you should do is choose a prenatal vitamin that includes a stool softener in its preparation. It will moisten your stools and make it easier to have a bowel movement. Increasing your fluid intake, eating fiber-rich food such as oat bran, prunes, dates or apricots will also help. Some of my patients have also relied on products such as Metamucil®, FiberCon® and milk of magnesia. However, I don’t recommend using suppositories or enemas without first consulting your practitioner.

If your first attempt at relief fails, don’t give up. Many of my patients have to try different methods before they find a way to cope with constipation effectively.