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Solving a bathroom dilemma
Q: I want to comment on a question written by the man who wasn’t sure which restroom to take his daughter into when they’re in public places. I have noticed that most of the newer facilities, including movie theaters and shopping malls, have a separate restroom for disabled people and a few even marked “family” restrooms. However, these restrooms are sometimes located where you might not notice them, so ask the staff if there is one.
A: Thanks, Carla, for this excellent suggestion. One of the best developments in America within the past two decades has been the availability of restroom facilities for disabled people. Can you imagine what it must have been like, if you were wheelchair-bound, to leave home with no assurance that you could go to the bathroom? The same kind of anxiety occurs when you travel or go to a restaurant with young children if you don’t have reassurance that there will be a place where your children can relieve themselves, or where you can clean them up if an accident occurs. Nurturing fathers need such places as much as mothers do, so the greater availability of family restrooms is a blessing. We should never be afraid to ask..