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My well-behaved son turns into a terror at school
A: My first impression is that your son is emotionally immature. By the age of 4, children want to venture out of the home and leave mum to have friends and fun. If your son had his way, he would stay home. He sounds really dependent on you. I’m surprised you’re not seeing the same behaviour at home that he exhibits in school. I wonder if he’s going out of his way to be a pest in school so you take him out of it. I suggest you ask the teacher to send your son home with a daily behaviour report card. On this card there should be the following five headings:
  • Follows rules

  • Cooperates with teacher

  • Is kind to classmates

  • Completes projects

  • Shows good manners
If your son receives at least three pluses out of the five categories, he gets to have all his privileges after school. However, if he has fewer than three pluses, he has to go to bed an hour early, miss out on his story or some other pleasure he enjoys. This may sound strict, but you want your son to think about putting forth a greater effort in school. The behaviour report card connects school and home on a daily basis. Each day you will praise your son or provide him with a consequence, depending on his behaviour. If this works, after two weeks increase the pluses required to keep his after-school privileges intact from three to four. If this behaviour report card doesn’t work, consult a child psychologist to help you figure out what’s going on with your child.