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My 14-month-old child eats table food if I put it in her mouth, but she won’t do it herself.
Q: When she tries it usually drops on the floor. Sometimes when I give her small pieces of food, such as a banana slice, she gags and throws up. Also, she only drinks from one type of sippy cup, even though we tried all different types.
A: Don’t give up, Lisa. Children have to learn how to grasp food, put it into the mouth, chew and swallow. We usually recommend starting this at 10 months and putting up with the expected mess, knowing that it will get better. She may gag as a way to get you to go back to feeding her, especially if she doesn’t gag when you feed her. However, it’s also possible that in the excitement of feeding herself, she isn’t taking care to swallow slowly. Children have preferences for cup types, just like they have a favourite breast or preferred bottle nipple. When a child is 14 months old, I see no problem continuing with one type of cup. And I applaud you for using a cup instead of a bottle.