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Is my 13-month-old ready for milk?
Q: The pediatrician wants me to change my 13-month-old son’s formula to milk. Is time to switch, or is it better to change to a different formula that’s adequate for his age? Right now he’s on Enfamil® Nutramigen®.
A: I agree with your pediatrician that it is time to move to whole milk. Infant formula is expensive and no longer necessary after the first birthday.

I would not consider Nutramigen to be appropriate for any child without a medical reason. It is a specialized predigested product intended for infants who have certain medical conditions that don’t allow them to use standard formulas, and it is extremely expensive. Whole milk contains protein, calcium and vitamin D, all essential for growth and development. Other vitamins and minerals should be obtained from your child’s diet, but if you are concerned, talk to your pediatrician about vitamin supplements.