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Is it safe to lift heavy objects when pregnant?
Q: I’m 15 weeks pregnant and everyone is bugging me about lifting things. I tell them I’m fine. What do you think?
A: It’s perfectly safe to lift and carry objects while pregnant. The most important point is to lift wisely. By this I mean to squat down while keeping your back straight. Use your legs to help lift the object. You should try to carry it close to your body to avoid straining your back. Avoid twisting your trunk while carrying an object, too.

However, you shouldn’t try to prove that you’re a superwoman. You shouldn’t try to move furniture alone nor should you lift 30 bags of mulch to prove a point.

Pregnant women are at a higher risk of injuring their backs during pregnancy. The ligaments that help strengthen the back tend to loosen up during pregnancy and predispose you to back injury. As your body changes shape, your back has to compensate. This can make you more prone to injury as you alter the way you perform daily tasks to adjust to your new shape.

Tell your family and friends, “Thank you” and let them help you. It will make them feel better and help protect you from injuring your back.