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I’m still getting headaches almost 2 months after delivering.
Q: I had a baby seven weeks ago and still get headaches. Why is this happening?
A: Until your period returns, your hormones are still going crazy so this may be the cause of your headaches. However, there are other reasons to get headaches. Fatigue is a common cause, and I imagine you are sleep deprived by those lovely 3 o’clock in the morning feedings. Your headaches may also be triggered because you are spending so much time staring downward at your baby. Lousy posture and frequent bending over can also set off headaches, in addition to lower backaches.

When it comes to post-delivery headaches and backaches, I refer my patients to a book called How to Raise Children without Breaking Your Back (IBS Publishing). It is an inexpensive book with loads of great suggestions on these topics.

If the headaches are recurring, you may want to check in with your physician.