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Can I continue getting chiropractic adjustments?
Q: I have been going to a chiropractor for years. Now that I am pregnant I’m not sure if I should continue going for adjustments.
A: You touch on a ticklish subject for physicians. Many don’t subscote to chiropractic adjustments for health maintenance. Since my wife is a physical therapist, I tend to frown upon this concept.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to stop going for adjustments. You should know that during pregnancy your back is more mobile and will move more each time it’s manipulated. You must inform your chiropractor that you’re pregnant to avoid an unintended injury. There are some spots on the back that are supposed to be trigger points for the uterus, so it’s important for your chiropractor to avoid stimulating these areas during pregnancy. Although I doubt they will trigger labor, I’d make sure your chiropractor feels comfortable working with pregnant women.

I’d personally recommend that you stop your regular adjustments and only see your chiropractor if you have back pain. They are quite skilled at realigning the back and can make a huge difference in the right circumstances.