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Why am I showing so much faster with my second pregnancy?
Q: This is my second pregnancy, and my first child is 5. I started showing by 12 weeks in my first pregnancy. I am currently eight weeks pregnant and I’m already having a hard time getting into my jeans. Is this normal?
A: Welcome to your second pregnancy! Your body hasn’t forgotten all the physical changes that occurred during your first pregnancy. Your muscles and your skin were stretched and are likely less toned than before. Between the reduction in muscle tone and a higher prepregnancy starting weight, most second time mums find themselves climbing into their maternity wardrobe a little sooner than they did with the first pregnancy.

As your pregnancy progresses, you will likely notice your belly protruding more than in the past, due to the laxity and separation of your abdominal muscles. While I certainly would endorse doing exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles during early pregnancy—to provide support for your back as the pregnancy grows—I don’t know any way to avoid the inevitable belly bulge of having another child.