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When is a good time to tell people we’re expecting?
Q: How long should we wait before my husband and I tell people we are pregnant?
A: Congratulations on your pregnancy! When and how you convey your special news will likely be a reflection of your own communication style. Couples who are generally extroverted and open often share the information early on, while couples with a more introverted and private style usually wait longer before informing others.

Once you tell others your news, you will have their feelings to consider. You may enjoy having friends and family sharing your initial excitement. Friends may be eager to share their own pregnancy experiences with you, as well as some unsolicited advice.

On the other hand, perhaps not everyone will share your joy. You may have friends who have had difficulty getting pregnant or who have lost a pregnancy. For these people, your enthusiasm may be difficult to share, and you could encounter some jealousy or resentment.

Another thing to consider before conveying your news is that up to 25 percent of all pregnancies result in miscarriage. If you encounter a problem, would you regret having told people about the pregnancy? Or would it be helpful to have the support of many people around you? The likelihood of miscarriage drops dramatically after 12 weeks gestation. Often couples will wait until hearing a fetal heartbeat at 12 weeks to share their special news.

Finally, consider the impact your pregnancy will have on your work situation. Coworkers may need to make plans to accommodate your maternity leave. Before discussing your pregnancy at work, decide if you are you ready to answer questions about your planned maternity leave and return to the workplace.