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Is it time for my 11-month-old to drink whole milk?
Q: When is the right time to switch to whole milk from formula? My 11-month-old son is developing just fine. I’m wondering if I should start weaning him off formula and giving him whole milk.
A: If you son has been on a milk-based formula, Jenny, there is no need to “wean” to whole milk unless he doesn’t like the taste difference. If you notice this happening, mix equal parts formula and whole milk together and gradually decrease the formula as he gets used to the taste of the milk.

We wean children from soy because there is often a medical reason why they were on soy as babies, and we want to make sure the problem has been resolved. However, this is not the case with milk-based products. I strongly encourage you to put your son directly on a cup, however. The longer he is using a bottle, the larger the risk of “bottle-mouth” tooth decay.