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What procedures are done to the baby following birth?
Q: What can we expect to happen to our baby immediately after birth? What kind of procedures do the doctors and nurses do to our baby before he/she is placed back in my wife’s arms? We know they will check height and weight, but what else are they looking for and recording?
A: Each hospital has its own unique protocol for caring for a newborn. In general, the baby will spend some time with its mum and dad before going off for its first checkup (many times, dad will escort the new addition with camera in hand).

The baby will be weighed and measured by a trained staff member. They will do a screening physical exam, looking at the baby to make sure she/he is breathing comfortably. They will check for a heart murmur, looseness in the hip joints, and an overly swollen belly. Any problems will be reported to your pediatrician or their designee. During this assessment time the baby may receive a shot of Vitamin K, and antibiotic ointment may be applied to baby’s eyes to prevent infection.

You should check with your obstetrician or pediatrician to find out what procedures are performed at your local hospital.