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We want twins—are there special fertility drugs I could take?
Q: My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for the past two years with no luck, so I have begun taking fertility drugs. Since we are having so much trouble getting pregnant, and the fact that we love children, we would love to have twins. Are there any special hormones I can take to increase the likelihood of having twins?
A: You are already taking them! All of the current fertility treatments increase your chances of having a twin pregnancy. Although I share your enthusiasm, be careful what you wish for: carrying twins and caring for them after birth is a daunting task! I’m sure Fisher-Price® would love to equip your nursery with two of everything, but there is still just one of you!

Seriously, fertility medications increase the chance of multiple births significantly. Upwards of 20-30% of couples taking fertility shots have twins and more. Let’s hope that you are successful and become pregnant … it sounds like twins would be an extra blessing for you.