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I want a C-section because I’m afraid of delivering vaginally
Q: I don’t want to have a vaginal delivery. I’m afraid of the whole idea and want a Caesarean section. My husband and friends think I’m nuts. Am I?
A: Delivering a baby is tough work. The process is called labor for a good reason. This does not mean you have to experience intolerable discomfort to have your baby. Still, barring a physical condition that would prevent you from laboring, your body can handle the experience.

To help alleviate your fear, you should first talk with your doctor. An honest discussion will help identify the issues that are making your nervous. I have had several patients who have felt the same way. In some cases I was able to ease their fears. Other times they ended up speaking with a counselor. In each instance, they were able to identify their concern. Ultimately, I let them choose the type of delivery they wanted. In most cases they had normal vaginal deliveries.

We have observed a growing number of women interested in elective Caesarean sections. Regardless of the reasons, this trend is continuing, and I expect it will become more prevalent as time progresses. I tend not to agree with the notion of a requested schedule Caesarean section, as I don’t think it’s the best medical choice for the patient. Yet I recognize that a C-section is a common procedure with a relatively low complication rate.

Liz, I wish you good luck and a safe delivery. Remember, a safe delivery is always a good delivery, no matter how it is achieved.