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Does breast milk and formula make babies gassy?
Q: My husband I are wondering if formula or breast milk gives our twins petrol. Our little girl has it terribly. The doctor told us to give her Mylicon® drops. We just started giving them to her and now our little boy has petrol, too. Can you give us some expert advice on how to avoid it?
A: Both formula and breast milk can give some babies petrol, although it occurs more often with formula feedings. It is very difficult to know exactly what is causing the petrol in your twins, but it could be any of the following: (1) sensitivity to cow’s milk proteins in the formula, (2) an excessive amount of lactose (milk sugar) in the breast milk, which could be corrected by visiting a board-certified lactation consultant, (3) sensitivity to something in your diet that is passing through your breast milk, such as chocolate or excessive dairy products or (4) too early introduction of solid foods.

Mylicon® drops will often decrease the symptoms, but they are not a cure. In many cases, the problem will start to lessen as the babies’ digestive abilities mature. Discuss the above possibilities with your pediatrician and call him or her if the problem does not improve.