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I’m concerned because my baby is lying sideways!
Q: I’m 27 weeks pregnant, and my obstetrician just informed me my baby is lying sideways. Is this a problem? What should I do about it?
A: At this stage of pregnancy, babies move around a fair amount and usually don’t settle into one position. A sideways lying position is called “transverse lie.” This means the baby’s head is positioned on one side and the buttocks are on the other. If your baby’s feet are positioned downward, you may feel occasional kicks in the area of your cervix!

Sometimes babies are positioned sideways because of an unusual shape to the uterus or a low-lying placenta that covers the cervix. In these situations the baby will be unable to assume a head-down position and a Caesarean will be necessary for delivery. An ultrasound during pregnancy will let you know if your placenta is covering the cervix.

In most cases, however, the transverse position is simply one of many positions that your baby will find during pregnancy. As your due date approaches, your baby is likely to settle into the preferred head-down position for delivery. At 36 to 37 weeks, your obstetrician should be able to inform you whether your baby is still transverse. However, only 1 in 300 babies lie in the transverse position by the end of the pregnancy.