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What kind of shoes should I wear while pregnant?
Q: Do you have any recommendations for buying shoes during pregnancy?
A: As your weight begins to climb your lower back starts to ache, and your feet and ankles swell. That’s why shoes can play an important role in your well-being during pregnancy.

Even though fashion magazines are promoting high heels, they’re not proper footwear for pregnancy. They encourage your back to further extend, exacerbating low back pain, and they lack adequate support or cushioning for your feet. Furthermore, they can impair an already shaky sense of balance, resulting in unnecessary falls and twisted ankles.

Instead, find shoes that provide support and shock absorption to promote healthy feet and protect your spine. A very low heel shoe with proper arch support and cushioning could work. Better yet, look for shoes that are designed for walking or sports. Also, consider that your feet will swell, and your shoes should be comfortable at the end of the day, too. You may need to increase your shoe size or width. Choose materials that allow your feet to breathe, such as canvas or leather, or buy sandals if the weather permits.

Following these guidelines will likely result in happier feet, less fatigue and reduced back strain.