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Your Toddler: A Developmental Checklist: 18 To 24 Months

Remember that all children are individuals and develop at their own pace. This checklist should be used only to get a general sense for where your child is or where he is heading. If you have any concerns about your child's development, consult with your physician.

Physical Development

  • May jump up
  • Builds tower of four to six cubes
  • Throws ball overhand
  • Puts on article of clothing
  • Washes and dries own hands
  • Can climb stairs with help; by 24 months can go up and down alone, but doesn't alternate feet
  • May climb out of cot
  • Likes to climb everything
  • Can kick a ball
  • Can ride a foot-to-floor vehicle

Intellectual Development

  • Identifies and points to two to four items in picture
  • Watches, then imitates, dumping of objects
  • Fears loud noises, water, wind, wild animals, and others
  • Enjoys repetition in songs and nursery rhymes
  • Likes to point to nose, mouth etc. when asked Where is your ?

Social And Emotional Development

  • Experiments with aggressive responses to disliked things
  • Separation anxiety lessens
  • Seeks adult approval
  • Comes when called
  • Likes to help with daily routines
  • Communicates feelings with words and gestures
  • Is eager to please

Language Development

  • Speaks in two or three word sentences
  • Learning that everything has a name; may ask constantly, "What's that?" Speaks and is understood more than half the time
  • Understands role of prepositions in speech