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Should a pregnant woman have her varicose veins removed?
Q: I have developed a varicose vein on my lower leg. It doesn’t hurt, but I’m worried that it will get worse. Should I have it removed during pregnancy?
A: Varicose veins are common during pregnancy. They are the result of an increased amount of fluid in your bloodstream and an enlarged uterus, making it harder for blood to return from the legs to your heart to recirculate. Varicose veins run in families and there is nothing you can do while pregnant to prevent or treat them.

I would not consider a surgical option during pregnancy. Having said this, you can wear support stockings or panty hose to keep pressure on the varicose vein. It will lessen the swelling and slow its progression. You can reduce the amount of time you stand to lessen its impact as well.

After delivery, varicose veins tend to lessen. With each pregnancy, they tend to recur and get progressively worse. If you want to consider surgery or medical options, I’d recommend waiting until you’ve completed your family to get the best and longest lasting result.