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Toys: The Building Blocks for Growth
Toys have always played an important role in enriching children's lives. They often reflect the culture of the times and are an indicator of historical changes and trends in society, as is evidenced in toy museums and toy libraries around the world. Although today's toys may seem very different from those of a long time ago, the purpose of toys has always been the same: to bring laughter and joy, and to create opportunities for learning and developmental growth.

Toys add magic and excitement to learning—about life, about how things work and about how to get along with others. Choosing toys that foster wholesome play will enhance children's cognitive, physical and social development. Open-ended toys that encourage children to be creative and imaginative are usually the ones returned to over and over again.

When choosing toys for your child, always pay attention to the age recommendations. Look for toys that match your child's interests and developmental level. The right toys at the right time will enrich your child's play experience and provide the foundation for learning.