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Discover the Joy of Learning

Day after amazing day, all the fun-field things they do and discover are the very things that help children learn. Rediscover the power of play. Discover the Joy of Learning. →

Begin exploring below:

Building busy little bodies

Mastering physical skills is such an important part of childhood-and it paves the way to all kinds of learning.

  • Hearing, seeing, touching, tasting—the senses are the very first windows to helping your child learn, “lighting up” areas of the brain.
  • Huge physical milestones occur in the early years—and motor skills keep getting refined as your child grows.
  • Sitting up, walking, running—they’ll use a LOT of energy building these skills.

Engaging curious minds

The best way to learn? Through play. You'll be astounded at how much brain power they build in the early years.

  • Asking “what if?” Dreaming up new ways to see the world. Being able to imagine and create. They’re hallmarks of great thinkers.
  • How does it work? Figuring things out is one of the best parts of play—from simple challenges to more complex ones.

Nurturing confident personalities

Expressing ideas, sharing with friends, being a good listener ... playing is a natural (and fun!) way to develop good social skills and enhance emotional well-being.

  • Taking turns and getting along with others takes time and practice, but doing that while playing makes it easier and more fun!
  • A child can hear even before birth—and will always benefit from being a good listener (and talker!).
  • Playful children are happy children. When all is said and done, you want your child to have emotional connections, to feel happy and secure—now, and when they’re all grown up!