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Development of Movement, 7-12 months
From well-practiced ’roll-overs’ and being able to wriggle along on her tummy, your baby’s mobility will come on leaps and bounds by her first birthday and she will probably be able to stand with support by this time.

Roll arounds

Understanding Your Baby

In month seven she will be practicing her movement in lots of ways. She will be able to rollover from her tummy to her back and vice versa and, when on her tummy, may draw her leg upto her tummy to try a crawling movement. She will probably use rolling, pushing and ’swimming’ movements to move herself around the floor but won’t be able to crawl yet. She can support her weight now and if you put her in her cot, for example, standing up she will be able to hold herself up using the cot bars as support. She will enjoy being held on mummy’s knee, being supported under her arms. When she is lying on her back she will enjoy sucking her toes.

Within weeks, if you support her under her arms she will try to step. She will be able to pull herself up in her cot into a standing position and will bend her knees and ’jiggle’, but probably won’t step. She won’t be able to get herself back down from the standing position. It is during the eighth month that, if she is going to crawl, she will crawl forwards and backwards – some babies never do, so don’t be worry if you don’t see this development.

By month nine she can turn around whilst crawling and you’ll notice her carrying things in her mouth or, if they are small and soft, carrying things in her hand at the same time. Be careful as she will show an interest in climbing the stairs and may attempt getting up the first step. At this age her favourite game is taking steps whilst you hold her under her arms.

She is becoming more confident in an upright position and may be pulling herself up using the furniture and even using it to move around the room. By month ten her crawling is much faster and will enjoy climbing up the first step of the stairs and sliding back down. Again, keep your eye on her as she may attempt to crawl further up the stairs.

Whilst she is moving around using the furniture as support you may notice, in month eleven, that she may be able to stand without holding for a moment and may confidently hold on with just one hand. She may also try to combine her movement with bending to pick up a toy that has caught her eye. When she’s had enough of standing she will return to a sitting position with a bump. Those babies that didn’t crawl will be moving around with a bottom 'shuffle'.

In the weeks before her first birthday she will be showing all the signs of walking. She may be able to stand and walk with the minimum of support, leaning into the furniture rather than holding on, can stand and play rather than clutching for support, and will be able to walk behind her trolley or whilst holding your hands. She can lower herself back down to sitting now without the bump as she lands.

How You Can Help

* Relax! She’ll learn to walk when she’s ready.

Toy Box Tips

* Try toys that encourage walking or crawling.
* The Baby Playzone collection includes toys designed to foster baby’s development. Try the Crawl Along Drum to encourage crawling.
* Walker toys like the Stride to Ride Walker.
* Toys with balls that she can roll away and crawl after. The Roll-a-Rounds collection features balls designed to stimulate baby’s sense of discovery.
* Try toys that let her bounce. The Babygear Jumperoo will keep her entertained and encourage her bouncing action.