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Development Before Birth: The Second Trimester
By now you’ll probably have a definite ’bump’ and will be noticing lots more changes in your body. Here are some of the things you can expect during your second trimester:

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17 Weeks +

Now is the exciting time that you might feel her moving around as she has grown a little larger. This might just feel like a fluttering sensation inside. Her body will now be covered in a thick fluid, called vernix, which protects her skin and stops it from getting dry and cracked, and a soft, downy hair called lanugo.

20 Weeks +

As her brain develops she will start to behave differently or, as some people argue, behaviour stimulates her brain’s growth. From about 20 weeks the womb will become a noisy place for her, as her hearing develops and she can be stimulated and even irritated by sounds. She will hear you breathing, your heartbeat and the sounds of your blood pumping around your body. As well as these regular, predictable noises that become background noise for her, she will notice the less regular sounds of your voice, which is unpredictable to her as you are always saying something different.
Believe it or not, the theme tune for your favourite soap will actually have an effect on her! This also teaches us that your baby is capable of predicting as she will be quietened, both in the womb and later after birth, when she hears the soap theme tune, as she knows this is the time when mummy puts her feet up and relaxes! If you’re not a soap fan you may be able to create the same effect with a musical toy which you could play against your tummy whenever you sit down for half an hour. It’s always worth a try!

At this stage she can experience light and dark as, if the doctor, for example, was to shine a light into the womb at this stage, your baby would try to shield her eyes from the light. Her world in the womb is usually dark but if your stomach is exposed to light, such as on a bright, sunny day, the womb will be bathed in a glowing, red light.

At this stage you won’t be able to tell when your baby is awake of asleep but, over the coming weeks, as you’ll find out, that will change!

How You Can Help:

This is a good time to help your partner bond with your baby. Let him feel your bump and talk to baby.