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Should we wait to have my toddler's cavities filled?
Q: My 2½-year-old just had his first dental checkup. The dentist said he has four teeth that should be filled. I'm terrified of giving him anything to put him to sleep, and I don't want him to be in a restraint for fear that he will be terrified the next time he visits the dentist. Would it be terrible if I waited until he turns 3 to have them filled? Maybe he will have a better understanding of what's going on.
A: Your situation is one that thousands of parents and dentists face on a regular basis: treat the decayed teeth now using sedation or restraint, or wait and see if your son matures enough to fill the cavity in the more traditional office setting. That's a joint decision that you and your son's dentist should make together. It really depends on how advanced the decay is. Remember, you can always seek a second opinion. I would suggest getting one from a pediatric dentist.