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Should baby's birth be videotaped?
Q: My husband wants to bring a video recorder into the delivery room, but I'm not at all sure I want my labor and delivery recorded. Won't taping it ruin an intimate moment? In your experience, do most new parents tape their child's birth or even bring a camera into the delivery room?
A: Many hospitals and doctors have their own policy regarding the use of video equipment during labor and delivery, so it is important to check with them before your husband plans on it. From my personal experience, filming portions of the labor and delivery can be quite a special memory. Tasteful placement of the camera on a tripod can allow for an audio and video memory of your child's first moments of life. We still pull out the tape on our children's birthdays. It always brings tears of joy to our eyes, recalling those incredible first moments.

I do not feel it ruins the moment unless your partner is holding the camera, trying to capture the moment, instead of being part of the experience. Buy a tripod and set it up in a discrete spot, turn it on and let it record the special event!
Craig L. Bissinger M.D.