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Protein shakes while breastfeeding?
Q: I'm breastfeeding my 3-month-old. I still have a lot of weight to lose, so I started a workout routine every day. I have been taking protein shakes before and after working out; are they okay to drink while I'm breastfeeding? Will they affect the baby or my milk supply?
A: Remember that it takes a full nine months to gain all your weight during pregnancy; it commonly takes at least that much time to lose your added pregnancy weight. Also, if you are breastfeeding, your breast engorgement will add a few pounds to your scale. Breastfeeding requires more daily calories than pregnancy itself, so please don't skimp on your calories.

Your caloric needs are about 500 calories a day higher than they were pre-pregnancy. Working out is terrific for your body tone, your mood and your overall health. Taking shakes that are high in protein is fine, as long as they are part of a well-balanced diet.

You should be including rich calcium sources, fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and whole grains, and plenty of liquids. Drink at least eight to twelve glasses of water, milk, juices and broths; if you feel thirsty or notice your urine is concentrated, drink more. If your diet remains healthy and you remain well hydrated, your milk supply should remain plentiful.
Laura E. Stachel M.D. Obstetrician & Gynecologist