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My prenatal visits seem rushed
Q: My obstetrician is always in a rush when I see her. I don't feel like she has the time to answer my questions.
A: I'm sorry that you're feeling rushed during your prenatal visits. From my experience as a physician, I also know the frustration that doctors feel when they are encouraged to fit too many patients into a limited appointment schedule. Some doctors are unaware that their own daily stress is affecting the quality of the care they provide.

Good communication with your doctor is essential for your medical care. Your needs are important, and your questions should always be answered. Establishing a trusting relationship with your doctor will help you feel calm and secure about your delivery. I advise you to write your doctor or arrange a time to let her know how you are feeling. If this is difficult for you, consider bringing your partner to your visits to help you voice your concerns. Your doctor may be unaware that you are feeling rushed, and may appreciate your feedback. She may be able to suggest ways to arrange less hasty visits together, such as scheduling your appointments at the beginning or end of her workday.

If you find your doctor is responsive to your concerns, see whether your subsequent visits are more satisfactory. If you continue to feel your needs are neglected during your visits, consider changing physicians, or find an experienced midwife for your prenatal care.
Laura E. Stachel M.D. Obstetrician & Gynecologist