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My kids have fluorosis
Q: I thought I was being a good mother, but now my children have fluorosis because I used fluoridated toothpaste, rinse and vitamins, and sent them to the dentist twice a year for fluoride treatments. Just how much fluoride is too much? Thankfully our city's water isn't fluoridated … you can keep it.
A: I'm sorry to hear that your children have fluorosis. As I explain in my video and book, Look Mom…No Cavities, there are limits to how much fluoride you should give your children. Your pediatric dentist or pediatrician can tell you what the recommended amounts are. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. It's found in most foods and beverages that have been prepared with tap water, including soft drinks and applesauce. The fluorosis discoloration of teeth is related to swallowing too much fluoride at a young age, when the permanent teeth are calcifying. Over-the-counter fluoride mouth rinses are safe when used as directed. If you spit out the rinse, you will not get fluorosis, and you can help prevent decay.