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Is meditation beneficial during pregnancy?
Q: I read in a news periodical recently that meditation has been scientifically proven to provide numerous health benefits. What are the benefits when you're pregnant, and what are the best types of meditation techniques? I've heard there are numerous ways to meditate, and this is fascinating to me, especially since it now has proven medical merit.
A: Greetings to you and my friends in Indiana. I spent four wonderful years at Indiana University at Bloomington as an undergraduate. As for your question regarding meditation, it is a very interesting one.

Meditation does offer some health benefits: lowering blood pressure and reducing stress are just a couple. I am unaware of any specific research showing meditation improves the outcome of pregnancy. However, I do encourage patients to find ways to alleviate stress, so meditation may be worthwhile for you in that regard.

As far as the type of meditation, perhaps some of our readers can offer you suggestions. This is out of the realm of standard medical science.

Craig L. Bissinger M.D.