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Is drooling a sign of teething?
Q: My 3-month-old daughter has started to drool a lot and can't keep her fists out of her mouth. I put my finger in her mouth to see if she bites on it hard, and she does. Could this reaction be due to teething? If she is teething, what can I do to help relieve her discomfort?
A: It certainly sounds like your 3-month-old daughter is teething. If she is, there are some remedies others have used that you and your daughter may benefit from. When my children were teething, we gave them spoons that had been in the freezer to chew on and this helped them. When they were older (about 2 years old) and not likely to choke on food, we tried frozen green beans; they enjoyed chewing on them and then eating them.. For your baby's age, safety-approved teething rings are a good choice.