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Is bathing safe in late pregnancy?
Q: Is it safe for me to take a bath during the last month of my pregnancy?

A: If your bag of water is intact and there is no leakage of amniotic fluid, you can bathe up to the time of your delivery! Your baby is sealed within a balloon shaped sac, protecting him from bacteria or fluids that may be in your vagina. Bath water will not come into contact with the baby, as long as the sac is sealed.

Submerging in warm water can feel soothing during pregnancy and is recommended if you have muscle aches, tension or elevated blood pressure. I advise against prolonged immersion in hot water, such as a hot tub, because your own body temperature will rise and your baby has no way to cool off. However, a warm bath should be absolutely fine.
Laura E. Stachel M.D. Obstetrician & Gynecologist