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I need to gain more weight!
Q: I am three months pregnant and have not gained any weight, perhaps two pounds at the most. I have always had problems gaining weight to be in the "normal" ranges for my height. I am concerned that my baby will suffer as a result. I eat a balanced diet and eat whenever I feel hungry. What should I do, if anything, to gain more weight?
A: Dear Betty,

I have had many patients express the same concern as you about their weight gain during pregnancy. You should know that most women do not gain much weight in the first trimester. Many books suggest gaining just one to three pounds. In most pregnancies the weight will start to pile on if you listen to your body. Eat healthy foods, eat three nutritious meals with snacks as needed, and you will do fine. If you are still worried, ask your doctor about seeing a nutritionist to develop a reasonable and healthy diet for your pregnancy.

Let me reassure you that your baby will not suffer as long as you keep on eating! Babies are very tough and will find a way to keep on growing no matter how little you eat. The most important point is to monitor your baby's growth at each monthly doctor's visit. As long as your stomach keeps on getting bigger and your doctor is pleased with your baby's progress, you have nothing to worry about.

Craig L. Bissinger M.D.