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How often do kids' toothbrushes need replacing?
Q: How often should I buy my child a new toothbrush? Does it need to be replaced only when it's worn down? And, should I buy only soft-bristled brushes? My child recently had a bad cold and I want him to keep brushing, but I can't replace the brush every day.
A: Toothbrush selection is very important. You should have a toothbrush whose bristles are erect and not splayed. If your child chews on his toothbrush, the bristles can't clean the teeth and gums properly. You also want to buy only a soft-bristle toothbrush to avoid pain or damage to the gums. The soft bristles do a fine job of cleaning off food and plaque. If your child has a cold, continue to use his current toothbrush. When the cold improves and you think your son's no longer contagious, dispose of that toothbrush and get a new one.