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How do I soothe baby after she's been weaned?
Q: I just stopped breastfeeding my 2-year-old daughter a month ago. She always fell asleep while breastfeeding. Now she goes to bed very late at night and it is becoming really difficult for me.
A: Breast-feeding doesn't just provide nutrition, Seha. It also supplies nurturing and feelings of comfort and safety to a child. Even though she is no longer nursing, try rocking your daughter with her cheek against your skin before you put her into her own bed. If she wakes in the middle of the night, go to her immediately and soothe her. This shows her that you are still there for her.

All children, breastfed or otherwise, often feel separation anxiety when moved from the family bed. You should be choosing the time that she should go to bed, and you may have to eliminate a midday nap to ensure that she is more tired at night. If it was your idea to wean, it is also possible that she is trying to tell you that she wasn't ready. You don't have to relactate, but use some of the same techniques that calmed her before without actually putting her to the breast.

Susan M. Leisner RD, IBCLC, RLC Nutritionist & Lactation Consultant