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How can I make brushing fun for my son?
Q: How often should my 6-year-old son brush his teeth? Also, how long should he brush for? He constantly has to be reminded to brush, and I usually have to resort to bribery to get him to brush longer than a few seconds. Can you offer me any suggestions for making brushing his teeth more fun? Are there any kinds of games we can play so I don’t have to bribe him?
A: Your son should be brushing at least two times daily, although three times is better. And he should be brushing for two to three minutes each time. To keep him interested, buy him an electronic toothbrush with a built-in timer or a small timer that has sand running through it. Let him chart his success using the “Cavity Busters” calendar that can be downloaded from your computer (www.lookmom.com.). Finally, to encourage your son to brush three times daily, reward him when he accomplishes this task.