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Do pacifiers cause tooth decay?
Q: My 32-month-old son has tooth decay on his two front teeth. Is his pacifier one of the reasons for this? What do I do about it now?
A: Dear Suzi,

If your son has decay on his two front teeth and he is only 32 months old, you should bring him to a dentist to have these cavities repaired. If you have pediatric dentists in your area, I highly recommend you bring your son to them as they have special training for children this age. As far as your question about the pacifier, normally they don't cause cavities but I have encountered situations where parents dip their child's pacifier in honey or sugar. Don't do this, as it could certainly lead to decay. A plain pacifier will not cause cavities, but at this late age it may affect the bite and should be evaluated by a dentist as well.