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Can pregnant women use meal supplements?
Q: I have three kids under age 4 and am 34 weeks pregnant. My husband suggested that I take a meal supplement such as Muscle Milk® because I don't always get to eat full meals. Are those supplements safe to use?
A: Congratulations on your pregnancy, Jia-Min! It's always exciting to welcome a new baby into the house. As for your question, Muscle Milk® is a supplement for bodybuilders, not baby makers! While it's probably not hazardous at this stage in your pregnancy, I am not comfortable saying it's OK to use, either. I'm going to suggest that you start to take some time for yourself and make sure you get balanced meals, even if you eat mini-meals throughout the day.

Keep easy hands-on foods available, such as hard-boiled eggs, cut-up fruits and vegetables, cheeses and yogurt that you can eat when you get a few minutes. Also make sure you keep well hydrated throughout the day. I want to remind you that even though your children are consuming so much of your time, you have to take care of that baby inside, too. A tired Momma isn't any good to anyone, so take care of yourself!

Susan M. Leisner RD, IBCLC, RLC Nutritionist & Lactation Consultant