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Tips: Why Play Is So Important
  • Play helps children learn about themselves and their understandings of their expanding physical and social worlds.
  • Play gives children opportunities to figure out how things work, how to get along with others and to try on new roles.
  • Play stimulates and enhances creativity and imagination.
  • Play provides a rich resource for language development and social competence.
  • Play encourages thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Play develops perceptual-motor skills (fine and gross, such as eye-hand coordination and balance) and helps develop strength and coordination.
  • Play is the integration of language, social, cognitive, imaginative and physical skills.
  • Play fosters self-esteem, self-direction and values.
  • Play helps children learn and practice social skills such as sharing, negotiation and cooperation.
  • Play develops curiosity and increases attention span.