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Language & Learning

6 Back to School Traditions We Love (Steal One Now!)

School is almost here! (And where the summer flew to, we have no idea.) This year, start a new tradition with these fun and easy ways to make back-to-school even more special

Count down the days.

Make an easy construction paper chain: Cut strips of paper, number each one, and then use tape to turn them into chain links-with enough for each day between now and the first day of school. Hang the chain on the refrigerator and pull off one link each day until the bell rings!

Measure up.

Got a closet door or spot in the kid's room where you mark off height? Make sure to tick off a special entry on the first day of school.

Get cooking.

Make first-day-of-school breakfast pancakes in the shape of their age, grade, or ABCs (a ketchup-squeezer filled with batter does the trick).

Celebrate School Year's Eve.

Throw a mini-party to say goodbye to summer and mark the start of a new school year. Let your soon-to-be-student pick what's for dinner, make a big deal of prepping their backpack, and end the night with a special treat before hitting the sack.

Do an interview.

While you're snapping that "First Day of School!" pic (use our adorable back-to-school printable), switch to video, and make like a journalist. Ask your kid the same questions every year (favorite song, color, friend) and, as the years go by, you can look back together and see how she's grown.

Write a letter.

Jot down some quick thoughts or write a long, sappy letter or email to your kid before the school year begins. Save it for a time years from now when you'll want to look back. Don't overthink it-you'll both be glad you took a few minutes to stop and record what's on your mind.