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Having Fun Together

7 Ways to Prove Santa Exists

Keep the magic alive with these easy, sneaky tricks

Those first few Christmases are easy-kids believe just about anything you say. As they get older, however, some creativity is in order. Here's help proving that Santa is for real.

Make a Quick Call
Download the Parents Calling Santa app and you can have Saint Nick call your phone and choose the message your naughty or nice child hears. ($1.99 for iPhone; for Android, A Call from Santa lets you personalize phone calls and texts.)

Track Santa's Path
Every year the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) "tracks" Santa's trip around the world on Christmas Eve. The Norad Tracks Santa site includes dozens of CGI videos of Santa on the "Santa Cam." Starting on December 1st, kids can follow Santa's path and can even call the center for details. You can also track Santa's journey on Christmas Eve on Google's Christmas site, Google Santa Tracker.

Send an Email
Sure, you can send a letter via snail mail, but kids can also email the big guy with the Letters to Santa Claus app and get a response from Father Christmas.

Film a Video
The Santa Spy Cam app lets parents capture video of Santa in their own homes with footage of Santa and his elves in 52 different scenarios in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you'd like.

Leave a Trail
You know it's important to remember to actually eat the cookies you leave out for Santa. You can also take it a step further by leaving some glitter by the tree, a large "soot" covered footprint by the fireplace, or even a piece of red fabric stuck on a piece of furniture. Then have Santa write a note on personalized stationery to make it authentic.

Feed the Reindeer
The Reindeer Cam, Santa's official reindeer live feed, lets kids see Santa feed his favorite animals. An extra bonus: You can add your child's name to the nice list and even have Santa read his name out loud on the live show.

Provide Scientific Evidence
The Science of Santa crunches all the numbers to explain just how Santa can travel the globe and deliver all those gifts in one night in a flying sleigh.