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Having Fun Together

5 New Ways to Play with Stickers

Creative ways to get even more mileage out of this beloved kid activity

Stickers are one of those simple-but-genius activities that can keep kids busy for hours. Pack even more fun into sticker time with these five creative ideas.

1. "I Spy" Sticker Book

One of the best things about this clever idea is that it's a great way to use up leftover stickers. Have your kids place stickers in a small notebook and then you can challenge each other to spot a sticker you see. ("I Spy a stop sign!")  (Via Busy Toddler)

2. Easy Matching Game

Start saving plastic bottle and or milk caps and then buy two sheets of the same set of circular stickers. Once you have enough, place stickers on the underside of the caps to create a match game. (Via Crafty Beats)

3. Sticker Spelling

To help kids work on spelling and fine motor skills, let them "trace" words with small stickers. (Via Teaching Ace)

4. Sticker Bingo

For this make-and-play game, start by drawing identical grids on several cards or pieces of paper. Divide a range of stickers (animals are a great option) evenly and have your child place them randomly in the card grids, cutting up one grid to use as the call-out cards. Then play with the whole family later! (Via My Joy-Filled Life)

5. Road Trip Game

Answer the "Are we there yet?" questions by creating a simple map in which your child can add a new sticker every time you pass a certain point or hit a certain number of miles. Another idea: Ask her to add a sticker to a sheet every time she spots, say, an animal or blue car, from her window. (Via Bounceback Parenting)