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Having Fun Together

Valentine's Craft: Popsicle Stick Love Monsters

This easy-to-make Valentine's craft starts with an old staple-popsicle sticks

Wiggle eyes up the adorable-ness of these easy popsicle stick Valentine's Day love monsters.

⁃ mini popsicle sticks (4.5" x .625")
⁃ popsicle sticks (4.5" tall)
⁃ craft paint in Valentine colors
⁃ love monster printables
⁃ glue stick
⁃ wiggle eyes
⁃ craft poms and pipe cleaners
⁃ hot glue gun

Print and cut out the love monster elements so they're ready to use.
Line up 5 mini jumbo popsicle sticks, then have a grown-up hot glue a regular popsicle stick diagonally across the top to bind them together. Cut another popsicle stick in half and hot glue those pieces on either side of the first stick to further secure the wood "canvas".

Flip the canvas over and let your child paint the top in the color(s) of their choice. Let dry for a few minutes, then it's time to decorate!
Have kids use the glue stick, wiggle eyes, and printable love monster elements to design their own cute Valentine monsters.

Tip: For the fuzzy antennas, let the kids pick out which pipe cleaners and craft poms to use, but have a grown up hot glue the pieces together.