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Having Fun Together

How to Throw a Mermaid Birthday Party

Make a splash with this trendy and fun party theme

Throw a gorgeous sea-themed fete with these easy DIY mermaid birthday party ideas!

Mermaid Party Invitations

Kick off your birthday adventure with colorful mermaid party invitations. The downloadable design is available in fair, medium, and dark skin tones, and you can print them at home or at a local print shop.

Mermaid Splash Cake

To make this pretty layered cake, you'll need two boxes of white cake mix, food coloring, and 4 tubs of frosting. Prepare cake batter and divide evenly, tinting one half purple and the other half teal. Bake each color separately in (8" or 9") round cake pans. When cool, use a serrated knife to level each layer, so they will stack evenly.

Use 2 tubs of white frosting between the layers and around the outside of the cake to create a smooth base layer. Refrigerate for an hour, and then tint the remaining tubs of frosting blue and apply them to the cake. Use the back of a spoon to create "waves" in the blue frosting all over the cake.

Cut out the printable mermaid tail and waves. Attach to wooden skewers and insert into the top of the cake. Garnish with brown sugar or crushed-cookie-crumb "sand" and colorful, candy-coated chocolates.

Jellyfish Decorations

Set the scene with these easy and pretty DIY jellyfish.

⁃ paper lanterns (8" and 10")
⁃ wired ribbon (1.5" wide)
⁃ sheer ribbon (5/8" to 1.5" wide)
⁃ hot glue gun
⁃ scissors
⁃ fishing wire (for hanging) and clear beaded strands (optional) 

1. Assemble the paper lanterns and hot glue a horizontal layer of ribbon about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the lantern. Pinch and ruffle the ribbon as you go, using dabs of glue to secure it all the way around.
2. Cut 3 long strips of wired ribbon. Fold the ribbon, accordion-style, to create "ruffled" tentacles, and hot glue them to the bottom of the lantern, spacing them out evenly.
3. Cut 4 long strips of sheer ribbon, and hot glue these to the bottom of the lantern in between the wired ribbon.
4. For a finishing touch, hang a long strand of beaded ribbon over the center wire in the bottom of the lantern, and use scissors to trim the tentacles to varying lengths.
5. To hang the jellyfish and make it appear as if they're floating, use clear fishing wire.

Clamshell Cookies

To make these sweet "surprise inside" cookies, tint vanilla frosting yellow and light purple and pipe a generous swirl on upside-down cookies. Place a white chocolate candy "pearl" on top of the frosting and then place another cookie on top, at an angle, to form the top portion of the shell. Display the finished cookies on a tray covered with brown sugar or cookie-crumb sand.

Crab Sandwiches

Wiggle eyes are the secret ingredient to transforming sandwiches in a snap. Simply hot glue various sizes of the eyes to toothpicks, then insert them into mini croissants or crescent roll sandwiches.

Mermaid Lagoon Punch

Invite mermaids to sip on these playful party drinks.

You'll need:
⁃ mason jars with daisy-cut lids
⁃ gummy fish
⁃ bamboo skewers (the thinner the better)
⁃ scrapbook flowers
⁃ rhinestones
⁃ hot glue gun
⁃ scissors
⁃ straws

1. Trim bamboo skewer sticks so they are about 1" taller than the drink jars; hot glue flowers to the top of the sticks.
2. Slip a flower-topped skewer through one of the small holes in the cut-out portion of a mason jar lid. Add 2 gummy fish to the bottom of the skewer. (Utilizing the holes in the mason jar lids to keep the bamboo skewers in place will ensure that the gummy fish stay horizontal and look like they're "swimming" in the punch.)
3. For the punch, mix equal parts blue fruit punch and lemon-lime soda. Fill the jars up, add the lids, and finish with colorful straws.

Mermaid Tail Hats

Celebrate with sparkly mermaid tail hats! To make them, download and print out the party hat template. Trace the template onto glittery cardstock, cut out, and roll the main portion into a cone shape and secure with staples. Hot glue the tail pieces to the top of the hats and the tissue fringe around the bases. Add elastic bands to the bottom of the hats or hot glue them to headbands.

Kitchen Towel Mermaid Tails

Have dress-up fun with easy mermaid tails. Pinch the bottom of a long kitchen towel into 2 halves to create a mermaid tail shape, and use elastic hairbands to secure each side. Use a third elastic band to bind the two sides of the tail together, and accent it with a sparkly scrapbook paper flower. Hot glue a ribbon (for tying around the waist) to the inside top of each towel.

Mermaid Princess Wands

These ocean-inspired wands do double-duty as a fun dress-up activity and a great take-home favor. DIY them by painting wooden dowels with a pearl or metallic acrylic craft paint and let dry. Cut ribbon to tie to each dowel, about one inch from the top. Add rhinestones or gems to the center of each white starfish and then hot glue each starfish to the top of the dowels.