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Having Fun Together

How to Throw a Kitty Cat Birthday Party

These so-easy party ideas are practically purr-fect...

From squeaky snacks to a super-easy cake and so-cute favors, these kitty cat birthday ideas will give you everything you need to throw a party they'll remember fur-ever. 

Kitty Cat Invitations

Download these sweet invitations and print at home or at a local print shop. There's an optional pattern on the back!

Kitty Cat Cake

To make this pretty cake, start with two boxes of cake mix and four tubs of frosting. Bake one box of cake mix in two 8"-round cake pans and the other in two 6"-round pans. When cool, use a serrated knife to level each cake layer so they'll stack evenly. Place the 6"-cake on a cardboard cake circle and frost the 6"- and 8"-cakes separately. Frost between the layers and around the outside of each cake to create a smooth base layer.

Refrigerate both cakes for at least an hour and then apply the top layer of white frosting. Tint 1 cup of frosting pink. Stack the 6" cake onto the 8" cake to form the kitty cat's body, then pipe a pink frosting "collar" where the two cakes meet. Attach the printable cake toppers to toothpicks or wood skewers and insert into the cake. Assemble the birthday hat with tape (you can add the guest of honor's age or initial), glue a craft pom on top, and place it on top of the cake. 

Kitty Cat Plates

Make paper plates party ready with felt ears. Cut triangles from stiff black or gray craft felt and then cut smaller triangles in pink or white. Glue the smaller triangles on top of the larger ones and attach to the underside of the plate rim with glue or tape. Cut whiskers from thin strips of white felt and tape to the bottom of the plate on both sides.

Cheese and Cracker Mice

To make these squeaky snacks, top triangle-shaped pita crackers with store-bought cheese wedges. Add sliced almonds for ears, crunchy chow mein noodles for a tail, and raisin pieces for the eyes and nose.

Birthday Cat Banner

Print and cut out the kitty cat silhouettes on white cardstock. Hot glue small craft poms to the top of the birthday hats, and then glue the finished cats to string or twine.

Cat Ear Headbands

To make these absolutely adorable favors, use the printable headband cat ear template to trace and cut out triangles from stiff craft felt. Wrap the larger, outer ear pieces around a black headband, using hot glue to secure the sides to the headband. Hot glue the inner ear triangles (in a contrasting color) to the front of the outer ears. Meow! 

Mouse Hunt Activity

Repurpose plastic Easter eggs for this fun party game.  

You'll need:
plastic Easter eggs
permanent black marker
hot glue gun
treats to put inside the eggs
treat bags
printable mouse hunt bag labels

1. Glue the mouse hunt labels to the treat bags.
2. Use a black marker to draw simple mouse faces on the front of plastic eggs and hot glue yarn "tails" to the back.
3. Fill the eggs with treats, then hide the eggs around the house or yard.
4. Send the party cats out for a mouse hunt!