Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ Twisting Tornado Set

3 - 7Y

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    Watch Thomas get swept away by a spinning tornado in this fun, thrilling Thomas & Friends™ motorized toy train set! Get ready for a wild, whirling adventure as Thomas gets caught in the path of a tornado!  This Thomas & Friends™ motorized toy train set lets kids experience a world of fun and thrills as they watch Thomas take the ride of his life!  In the TrackMaster™ Twisting Tornado Set, Thomas is speeding around the rails when he encounters something totally unexpected – a tornado!  Kids can send motorized Thomas on the tracks towards the covered shed, but when he enters, the tornado spins Thomas and the shed on a path of destruction!  As the shed turns, it bursts apart and knocks over powerlines before delivering Thomas safely to the other tracks.  For even more excitement, children can rush to reset the shed before Thomas makes his way back to the gap in the tracks.     

    • Complete Thomas & Friends™ toy train set includes motorized Thomas and full track layout with spinning tornado-shed 
    • When Thomas enters the shed, the tornado spins him and the shed to the other side of the tracks, where he continues his journey
    • As the shed spins, it bursts apart and knocks down powerlines
    • Kids can reset the shed and tornado using the attached lever 
    • Unique Thomas train features surprised face with debris designs on his sides
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