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Helping Babies Learn

Helping Babies Learn

The nursery. The kitchen. The playroom. The backyard. Wherever your baby spends time, learning happens. Surrounded by sights, sounds, and familiar objects, filled with natural curiosity, and helped by you, your baby learns through everyday experiences and of course, through play.

Play & Learn Activities

Discover new ways to help your baby learn through play—you'll both have a blast!

Playful Learning

Discover new ways to help your baby learn through play—you'll both have a blast!


Most of us learned our ABC’s by singing them—the rhythm and repetition of songs make things easy to remember. That’s why we’ve included sing-along songs, rich music and fun sounds in all the toys and activities.


The idea of numbers and counting starts to make sense when babies can point to “one, two, three” peas on their tray or put food shapes into a refrigerator. Laugh & Learn toys and activities teach numbers and counting in a natural way, with sing-along songs to help baby remember.

Shapes & Colors

Sorting, stacking, and unstacking help baby understand the basics of sizes, spatial relationships and shapes. Babies learn colors in a similar everyday way—yellow isn’t just yellow, it’s a yellow cup or a yellow banana.

First Words

At first, your baby learns to associate sounds with images, such as “moo” cow or “baa” lamb. They’ll learn adjectives in context, like big door or red apple. Opposites too, like up and down.

Making Friends

Playing together. Give and take. Taking turns. Please and thank you. They’re all important parts of expressing emotions, developing friendships, sharing, and realizing that “we” is as important as “me.” So the Laugh & Learn collection has lovable characters with friendly faces that baby can relate to and learn from.

Playful learning