Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Batcave

3-8 years


  • Product Features

    Kids will love helping Batman™, and his sidekick Robin, devise crime-fighting strategies from this secret command center equipped with all sorts of gadgetry! There’s a Batcomputer, secret walkways, a Batwing, an elevator, jail and more! Turn the Batman™ or Robin figures on any of the 3 activation disks to make cool things happen throughout the Batcave! Plus, there’s a launcher that lets young super heroes fire projectiles at approaching intruders! And when Batman™ needs to race into Gotham City just place him on his Batcycle and send him off to save the day!

    • Turn figures on activation disks throughout the Batcave to open the Batcomputer & extend walkways, flip up the Batwing, and open & close the front door!
    • Press button on launcher to fire projectiles!
    • Clip a figure into elevator to access all of the Batcave levels!
    • Press button on wall to pop open jail door
    • Batcave includes Batman™ figure, Robin figure, flight suit, Batcycle & 3 projectiles for launcher

    Download the free Imaginext™ Batcave app on your iPhone® & bring it to this Batcave for interactive fun on your iPhone® screen!

    Fine Motor
    Turning figures on disks, pressing a button to fire projectiles, and moving Batman™ or Robin up & down the elevator help enhance finger/hand dexterity.

    Self-Expression & Confidence
    The criminals have found us! Robin, arm the launcher! Children begin to create dialog between the characters & vocalize the stories they are playing out!

    Imagination & Creativity
    Awesome accessories like the flight suit and Batcycle help kids recreate their favourite DC Super Hero adventures – or create new ones of their own!

    DC SUPER FRIENDS: TM & © DC Comics.

  • Safety

    WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face.
    Only use projectiles supplied with this toy. Do not fire at point blank range

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