3-8 years

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    Place the Zord over the Red Ranger figure for morphin action and 2-in-1 play! How will the Red Ranger protect himself and the world from the evil clutches of Rita Repulsa and Goldar? By unearthing his T-Rex Zord! When this Zord is placed over the Red Ranger figure, it morphs into armor; making the Red Ranger one fierce, evil-fighting machine!

    With armor to deflect anything Rita Repulsa conjures up and a mighty Power Sword to defeat all enemies, kids will have double the power to create exciting Power Rangers adventures with this 2-in-1 figure pack! Imaginext® … Turn on Adventure!™

    • It’s morphin time! Slip the T-Rex Zord over the Red Ranger figure to morph into battle armor mode
    • 2-in-1 figure pack Includes Red Ranger figure, T-Rex Zord and removable Power Sword that stores on back

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