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Meet The Characters

“I can do it, Flop?”

Bing loves trying new things, even when they don’t always turn out the way he thought they would. He loves lots of other things too - his favourite toy Hoppity Voosh, Carroty bagels, his yellow wellies… but he loves Flop best.

“Never mind Bing, it’s no big thing.”

Flop looks after Bing. Gentle, wise and truthful, he is always on hand to help Bing discover how he feels and what to do.

“Hello, Bing, it’s me!”

Sula is Bing’s best friend. She's playful, bubbly and kind – and loves anything sparkly, or glittery … or golden!

“Like this, Bing!”

Coco is Bing’s big cousin. She talks a lot, and loves showing Bing what to do. Her favourite toys are her Rainbow Fairy Mice, especially Violet.

“Come on Bing, let’s go!”

Pando is Bing’s friend who lives next door. He is funny, messy and noisy – and can sometimes get just a bit too much!