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The Terrible Twos: Myth Or Reality?

The term the terrible twos is not totally accurate. What it describes is actually a stage of development rather than an age. Your child may become less cooperative at any point between 18 months and three years. Generally, the terrible twos means the period when a child asserts her independence by being negative and defiant.

During this stage your child wants to make her own decisions and do things her way. When she cannot control things, she will get emotional and act out in negative ways. The terrible twos may be difficult for you, but it is necessary and normal for your child to go through them as she develops her separate identity.

The End Of The Terrible Twos

When children experience the terrible twos varies. For many, it reaches its peak between 18 and 24 months. It is over for most children by three--if not before. You will notice the difference as the negative behavior subsides. Your child will become pleasant and cooperative again as she gains a surer sense of her identity.

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